Information Technology

As a business we have invested heavily in technology as we believe that technology plays a key role in improving service delivery, the customer experience and most importantly reducing indemnity spend as well as enabling the provision of tailored management information.

Our current claims management system known as is being phased out and replaced with a new system called QUBE – both systems are developed by our in house IT department.  QUBE inherits the key features from which have worked well since it’s launch many years ago, but also introduces new processes, automation and the base platform for all future development including our mobile application for Adjusters - QUBEgo. QUBE continues to be fully scalable, flexible and being fully tailored to meet customer requirements across all disciplines and allowing innovative response to client needs with fast turn around times

Core features include:

  • A secure environment protecting client’s data from unauthorised access
  • The ability to receive instructions electronically and auto-populate data fields
  • The automated acknowledgement of new instructions
  • Sophisticated diary, workflow and supervision systems that allow process control at all stages
  • All case details are easily visible in a single place capturing all relevant data, thought processes and milestones in the lifespan of a claim, enabling full management control and quality management information production   
  • Management tools that ensure the proactive progression of claims, e.g. ensuring compliance with MOJ reforms
  • Document assembly modules that enable the production of reports tailored precisely to client requirements
  • Automated measurement of service standard compliance, tailored to client specific requirements
  • Integrated quality assurance audit modules.
  • A totally flexible management information capability which enables MI suites to be designed to precise customer requirements
  • Automated updates to the Insured or Client by text message or email   
  • The system is accessible by authorised users both from the office and remotely, enabling total flexibility and management of the working environment.

QUBEgo is our new mobile application allowing our Adjusters to access and update case details real time while on site. It’s a dedicated application guiding the Adjuster through specific tasks allowing photographs to be taken, signatures to be captured to sign off documents.  Our new application streamlines the process for the Adjuster, reduces paper and allows instant updating of cases details to QUBE and therefore QUBElive which is accessed by the client.

Working with our clients we developed our client portal, QUBElive. The web based system enables key parties, such as Insured, Insurer and broker access to our claims management system to view a full record of activity including all financial transactions as well as obtaining real time MI.

Uniquely, QUBElive has been developed to provide a more interactive claims management system allowing all key parties to interact with the system, upload/download documents and reports as well as track and monitor progress of claims. This ensures there is one single, fully transparent file for all parties to view. We believe that this has huge benefits and can help achieve our goal of providing a high level of service delivery and cost control at all levels.

The system is particularly beneficial for the corporate claims arena, where large corporate clients are able to have full use of a bespoke claims management system for tracking and monitoring high deductibles, obtaining valuable risk management data, notification of claims.

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