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The adjustment of complex and major losses has traditionally been concerned with large commercial claims, which are usually handled by highly qualified and experienced adjusters. Household major loss claims have, however, rarely received the same attention, often resulting in poor cost control and low customer satisfaction.

Without the appointment of an experienced team following substantial household fires or weather related surges such as floods, which can lead to large numbers of high value claims, such claims can result in, among other things, inaccurate scoping, loss of control, delays and poor customer experience, all of which can mean increased costs for the insurer. With a reputation for providing high quality technical adjusting services, QuestGates has developed Advantage, a dedicated specialist service which provides a cost effective and flexible solution for the total management of such claims.

It is widely recognised that the unpredictable nature of insurance claims, particularly those related to the weather, makes it impossible for any company to provide a full and dedicated workforce of sufficient size to cope with all types and size of claim. As a specialist loss adjuster, QuestGates does not provide high volume process driven claims-handling solutions and is therefore able to focus on large or specialist claims.

QuestGates has long established relationships with insurance focused suppliers of surveying and engineering services with an established network of restoration contractors. These relationships, coupled with priority arrangements for facilities such as alternative accommodation and contents replacement, ensures that all aspects of any loss are fully catered for. We aim to provide a project managed solution for the handling of large or complex household claims, while ensuring a consistently high level of service, throughout the life of the claim. In addition to the dedicated adjuster and project manager, an office based claims technician supports the team and liaises with suppliers and the insured, ensuring efficient claims settlement and maximising policyholder satisfaction.

QuestGates Advantage offers a wide range of benefits including:

  • Realistic cost savings for insurers and high levels of customer satisfaction / retention
  • Single point of contact for insurer, policyholder and broker
  • Rapid and documented response times developed specifically for this type of claim
  • Joint initial site attendance by all key parties
  • All claims handled by experienced and qualified personnel
  • Early attendance leading to improved quality and speed of damage management, loss mitigation and emergency works
  • 'Day one' discussion and agreement by all parties as to the broad scope of works, ensuring customer expectation is set early on
  • Fully coordinated approach of all suppliers means reduced elapsed times and minimal disruption for policyholder
  • Innovative and alternative solutions introduced where appropriate
  • Vetted and approved suppliers and contractors who specialise in these types of claims
  • Fixed adjusting, surveying and restoration costs, leading to more accurate reserving
  • Post-loss follow up service and provision of 'customer pack'
  • Bespoke broker packs to ensure clear communication at all levels
  • The ability to track claims via our web portal

Aimed primarily at large household claims where the buildings and/or the contents element of the reserve exceeds an agreed value, or involves a degree of complexity that demands a higher level of service, Advantage is also suitable for High Net Worth/VIP clients or to help rectify claims where there has been policyholder dissatisfaction.

QuestGates Advantage – total management of household complex and major loss claims.

Meet the QuestGates Household Major Loss team.


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