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The handling of industrial disease claims requires legal and technical expertise and experience and, invariably, a high degree of confidentiality. QuestGates has a proven track record for the investigation and handling of all types of Industrial Disease claims, our specialist Industrial Disease division being dedicated to the management of such claims, which are handled by committed experienced adjusters from the first report, through settlement to conclusion.


Appropriately skilled industrial disease consultants, contractors and other specialist disciplines are supported where necessary by expertise drawn from our Liability, Property or Environmental divisions.

The QuestGates Industrial Disease division offers:

  • In-house specialist adjusters dedicated to handling industrial disease claims, unhindered by huge work loads or external considerations and who have the experience, credentials and flair to bring these claims to an optimum resolution
  • A cohesive assessment of potential insurance liabilities, established through salient and tactful enquiries, providing a workable strategy to conclusion
  • All aspects of quantum including the most complex losses
  • The protection of evidence and the pursuit of subrogated recoveries
  • Expectation management and quality communications to all interested parties
  • A commitment to proactively drive the claim to an efficient and cost effective conclusion

The Industrial Disease division operates as a central hub providing communication between all concerned parties and allows for an expeditious investigation and conclusion to be reached. Early identification of the extent of the claim enables employers and their insurers to maintain proper reserves, not only for the simpler claims, but also in more complicated claims such as mesothelioma.

The Industrial Disease division abilities include:

  • Corporate history investigations
  • Policy wording issues
  • Investigation of employment history 
  • Generic liability enquiries 
  • The liability decision 
  • Medical and quantum investigation 
  • Direct negotiation with claimant's solicitors 
  • Management of dedicated legal services
  • Collation of claims management data

QuestGates areas of specific expertise include:

  • Workplace accidents
  • Vibration White Finger 
  • Noise induced hearing loss 
  • Asbestos and other respiratory related claims 
  • Skin conditions caused by exposure to chemicals or other noxious substance 
  • Osteonecrosis 
  • Coal Miner's 
  • Knee Stress 
  • E.coli

Meet the QuestGates Industrial Disease team.


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