Carmichaels MD joins QuestGates

25 February 2019: Keith Curling, formerly managing director at Carmichaels – a Davies company – has joined QuestGates.

Keith joined Carmichaels as a partner in 1993 and was then managing director for a number of years before the business was acquired by Davies in 2015. He continued to lead the Carmichaels team following the acquisition.

He will be joined at QuestGates by fellow Carmichaels loss adjusting colleague, Paul Morris, who started his adjusting career at GAB Robins in 2013 and joined Carmichaels in 2016.

A number of the Carmichaels team have already joined QuestGates including major loss director Graham Eades and senior loss adjusters, Simon Hogan and Karl Curling. The business has also strengthened its Concierge team recently with the appointment of former Carmichaels team members Rachel Tomlin, Alison Curling and Kirsty Russell.

QuestGates director, Colin Ganson, says: “The team at Carmichaels were renowned for their specialist skills and focus on service. I think the fact that so many of them have found a home here at QuestGates and that they will be joined by their former MD speaks volumes for the synergy there is with our approach to doing business.

“Their combined expertise brings tremendous experience in working with property owners and the hospitality industry as well as in the London market, and I am truly delighted that we can now reunite them with their former MD and colleague and bring further skills and expertise to our property team.”