Delivering on every claim for Brokers

Just over 12 months ago, I took the massive step of leaving AXA after 16 years at the claims coalface to take up the newly created role of Broker Service Delivery Manager here at QuestGates.

They say a change is as good as a rest – but while there hasn’t been much downtime over the last year and the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t made the past few months easy, I can confidently say that this decision has been on of the best I’ve ever made!

QuestGates wasn’t an unknown entity to me, having worked with many of its adjusting and concierge team given their role on the AXA adjusting panel.  I’d experienced first-hand their focus on customer service, and that service ethic is even more evident when it comes to dealing with some of the claims that don’t flow smoothly.  We all know it’s impossible to get things 100% right 100% of the time, but it’s how you manage a problem that can make you stand out.  If ever there was an issue with any claim that QuestGates managed while I was at AXA, they were immediately on the case and took the necessary steps to sort things out quickly and effectively.

This certainly was an influencing factor in my decision to join.  Another element that influenced my decision was the opportunity to take up a brand new challenge in a role that – to the best of my knowledge – simply didn’t exist anywhere else.

QuestGates rolled out their Broker Charter a few years ago, committing their promise to brokers to deliver on every claim in writing.  With the insurer and customer being the primary contact points for any adjuster, the need to communicate effectively with brokers can get a little lost.  Unlike others, however, QuestGates recognised this gap and chose to fill it.

So my role is to ensure that we live up to that promise to our brokers.  I’m their first point of contact whenever anything crops up, whether that’s getting an update on the status of a claim or simply confirming some information.  If something needs moving along, its’ up to me to co-ordinate with the team here and keep the broker informed.

Another key aspect of my role is to ensure consistency of message, regarding the requirements or involvement of the broker, is delivered to all of our adjusters around the UK.  Brokers can positively influence the outcome of a claim and help drive down the time it takes to conclude a claim, but they need clear, regular and consistent communication and I am passionate about playing my part in providing this.

And it seems to have gone down a storm with all the brokers that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting or speaking with so far.  I think they really appreciate having someone that is dedicated to working with them to make sure their customer’s experience is as good as possible – even in the cases where a claim is denied for valid reasons.  And while I might be relatively new to the world of loss adjusting, they know that my 16 years’ experience of handling claims and leading claims teams at AXA means that I understand their customers’ needs as well as their own.

I’m loving every minute of my time here at QuestGates and helping ensure that we live up to our service promise to brokers – it means that we’re delivering for their customers and that’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it?