INSURANCE BUSINESS: QuestGates branches out with new hub for tree root liability claims

12th September 2019
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QuestGates, has created a central hub for the management of tree root liability claims.

A branching out of the specialist loss adjuster’s liability third-party property damage offering, the hub has been set up within the Northampton office of QuestGates.  The move comes following a spike in the volume of new cases handled by the firm that involved the defence of arboricultural liability claims.

“While there’s no doubt last year’s long dry summer has led to an increase in tree root liability cases from our existing client base, Jeremy (Carpenter) has done a great job developing our offering and attracting further support from both insurers and the local authority market,” said Stuart Lansdown, Divisional Director for third-party services.

“Tree root liability defence is a very specific and niche area, and we’re looking to build on Jeremy’s success by creating a network of licensed adjusters working under his direction and supported by a dedicated concierge service.”

Carpenter, a qualified surveyor and loss adjuster with nearly one and a half decades of specialist experience, was tapped by QuestGates in 2017 to develop a new service focused on arboricultural liability claims arising from subsidence and direct tree root action causing third-party property damage.

As for the concierge team that will support the arboricultural liability hub, the firm has brought in Tom McLaren to be the lead.

“We’re creating a real centre of excellence in Northampton for specialist third-party damage claims,” added Lansdown.  “Given its central location and broad range of specialist staff, it is the logical home for our arboricultural liability hub in addition to the services we already provide for third-party claims within the motor, rail, liability and commercial property sectors.”