POST ONLINE: QuestGates’ investigation rejects hack allegation

18th July 2018
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QuestGates has interviewed all its staff at its Northampton office, following allegations of a cyber security breach.

Post was contacted by an anonymous source who claimed to be an employee of TS Adjusting, which the loss adjuster incorporated into the QuestGates brand today.

The source alleged that a rogue employee within the organisation had allegedly “hacked” into another company’s information using QuestGates’ equipment.

However, the loss adjuster has strongly denied that there is any evidence of wrongdoing.

It says that it has involved both its compliance manager and solicitors in the process, and having conducted an investigation has concluded that the alleged hack did not occur.

A statement issued by the company said: “QuestGates is renowned for its professionalism and high standards and inappropriate behaviour of any sort is never condoned.

“The allegation about the activity that you suggest was received and QuestGates took this very seriously, involving both its compliance manager and solicitors in the investigation.

“Every employee within the location concerned was formally interviewed and statements taken. However no evidence was offered or found that there was any basis of truth in this allegation. QuestGates has not had access to or viewed any information obtained via ‘hacking’ and would not condone any action of this type by anyone acting on its behalf.

“The directors are aware of where this defamatory information is coming from and the matter is now in the hands of the company’s lawyers.”