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What a difference a year makes…

OK, Dinah Washington sung about a day but when it comes to QuestGates, what a 365 days we’ve had!

A year ago, we were appointed as the UK and Ireland representative of vrs Adjusters, one of the top three corporate and complex loss adjusting claims management organisations in the world.  All of a sudden, we were no longer a business with 14 offices across the UK and the island of Ireland but affiliated with a group with over 300 offices in 140 countries worldwide.

Against a backdrop of an unprecedented phase of members and acquisitions across the insurance industry, this new relationship has paved the way for our business to establish ourselves as a real contender in the eyes of brokers and insurers requiring global loss adjusting services.

The European real estate market has been a particular focus area for us having launched our dedicated real estate division providing a bespoke service for property investors and their property managers across the UK and Ireland back in 2017.

What matters to these businesses is the reputation and capability of any partner to deliver a seamless claims service, irrespective of the origin of country, location or currency.  Those are all boxes that we can tick now with the added benefit of our superior tech platform.

In my opinion, our QUBEconnex platform enabling all stakeholders in a claim to input data in real time and draw down whatever MI they need is a huge differentiator.  What makes it all the more special is a piece of tech wizardry known as an API – or Application Programming  Interface, to give it its full name – allowing us to integrate QUBEconnex with the newly introduced vrs computer system.  For the layman amongst us (me included!) this clever bit of kit basically facilitates clients, suppliers, anyone in the chain to upload and access data in real time irrespective of where they are in the world, their system, their language, their currency, their information.  This capability is a game-changer in my view.

When it comes to the European real estate market, brokers and insurers are faced with a limited choice of partners following the recent spate of M&A activity.  It’s impacted the number of dedicated teams available and arguably many of those have limited understanding of what real estate clients demand.  As I said before, it all boils down to delivering service, account management and management information 24/7/365.

Over the last year, we’ve been working to further improve our proposition to fill that gap.  There is significant opportunity for a business like ours who has a young, service-focused team experienced in the real estate market, backed by the tech that clients insist on.  We’ve already brought on board a number of new clients both in the UK and Europe, and working together with representatives of vrs Adjusters across Europe, there’s no reason why we can’t succeed in our aim to be the leading European real estate adjusters.

We’re already looking forward to the year ahead!

By David Potts – International Development Manager, QuestGates