Official Injury Claims (OIC) Portal “Whiplash Reforms”

21 April 2021: The ‘Whiplash Reforms’ contained in the Civil Liability Act 2018, announced by the Government as long ago as November 2015, will at last be implemented with effect from 31 May 2021.

For all those claims that fall within the Small Claims Track limit for RTA injury claims, and can be accommodated by the OIC portal, time is again of the essence, as we have experienced with the MOJ protocols.

For Compensators, QuestGates offers the assurance that having consistently achieved 100% comliance on the tighter MOJ poral demands, we have the capacity and capability to deliver a service that complies with ‘Whiplash’ timescales, supporting the progress of genuine claism through the process.

Our two stage ‘Motor Whiplash’ OIC Claims Service incorporates:

Stage 1

  • OIC Portal claims management (front end)

  • Policyholder track & trace facility using various databases

  • Triage by experienced Technical Case Manager, to determine best way forward

  • ‘Virtual’ interview to quickly establish policyholder involvement and stance on liability / causation

  • Out-of-hours capability, including in-person visits via our UK wide network of investigators

  • Escalation to CPR compliant statement by means of telephone / fully encrypted video / face-to-face interview, should either a full or partial defence be viable

  • Abbreviated reporting within Protocol parameters, enabling you to make informed decisions on time

Stage 2

  • Full OIC Portal claims management (end to end)

  • Third Party Intervention – early validation of Claimant’s case, providing guidance on the process and establishing whether their injury meets the criteria for claims falling within OIC Portal

  • Consideration of Key Fraud Indicators

  • ‘Cradle to Grave’ claims management – dealing with liability disputes and taking valid claims to settlement on Insurer’s behalf, via full medical assessment and payment of scale damages

  • Rehabilitation advice, where applicable

  • Detailed reporting

We are happy to handle your ‘Whiplash’ claims on a delegated authority basis and can also offer full claims fund management, if required. The benefits of QuestGates OIC ‘Whiplash’ Claims Service include:

  • Expertise deployed at the front end – right advice, first time

  • Timely decision making – helping you to comply with the Protocol and save on costs

  • Workstate / overflow case management – reduces demand on your resources

  • Minimise redirection to legal representation through competent, proactive and efficient handling

  • ‘Real time’ access to case details through our market leading Client Portal, QUBEconnex

  • Opportunity to develop our self-service app to support your processes, driving efficiencies and enabling direct evidence upload, responses to FAQ’s, appointment bookings, etc.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this service at all, then please feel free to contact:

Gary Woodhall
Tel: 01204 869858
Mobile: 07841 235315

Joanne Birchall
Tel: 01204 869874
Mobile: 07885 456253