QuestGates extends Zoom capabilities with menu-based building validation service

Leading specialist loss adjuster QuestGates is extending the capabilities of its high level survey service, Zoom, which formed part of its acquisition of TSS Loss Adjusting last year, with the introduction of a new menu-based building damage validation solution which will include its existing QGV service.

The Zoom high level survey capability uses vehicle mounted automatic power masts to take real time images where access is often not physically possible up to a height of 85ft (26m) negating the need for scaffolding costs to be incurred before the cause and/or scope of damage has been established. It is particularly effective in areas where the use of drones is not permitted or where they cannot provide an adequate image.

QuestGates director, Alistair Steward, explains: “Many firms have adopted drone technology to assess damage, however there are significant limitations to their use –the CAA Dronecode specifically states that they must not be flown within 150m of a congested area or large group of people for example. The strike on a BA flight yesterday could well result in greater regulation. While we have access to drones, we experienced an increasing demand for Zoom’s high level survey capabilities to assess flood and storm damage after the winter storms as it offers all the benefits of a drone without the risk of falling foul of the CAA code of conduct.

“That got us thinking about what the Zoom team does, what our existing buildings claims validation team offers and how we could develop these services further to deliver even greater choice and flexibility to our clients. As a result we’re launching a new menu-based building claims validation service which harnesses the expertise of both Zoom and our existing team.”

The new three-tier building validation service offers the options of a simple inspection providing images to support insurers own claims handling, inspection and report with recommendations, or the top level inspection, report and repair. All options have the added benefit of access to cost-effective high level surveys through Zoom’s vehicle-mounted power masts.