Complex Household

30% reduction in elapsed settlement times since introducing our tablet/smartphone technology

The focus of complex and major losses has traditionally been concerned with large commercial claims, which are usually handled by highly qualified and experienced adjusters.  Complex or large household claims have rarely received the same attention, often resulting in poor cost control and low customer satisfaction.

Our adjusters retain ownership of the claim throughout and, unencumbered by any “high volume” claims processing activity, are able to deliver a bespoke and innovative complex household loss adjusting service.

In order to deliver exceptional customer service and reduce settlement times, our  adjusters use QUBEgo, the latest in on site technology, and are supported by QUBE, our bespoke claims management system.

Utilising the unrivalled expertise and experience contained within our adjusting team, and calling upon our colleagues in our Surveying Services team when appropriate, we are able to devote the time and skill required to manage large or complex household claims to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion.

QuestGates has long established relationships with insurance focused suppliers and access to an independent network of restoration contractors. These relationships, coupled with priority arrangements for facilities such as alternative accommodation and contents replacement, ensures that all aspects of any loss are fully catered for and correctly controlled.

We aim to provide a project managed solution for the handling of large or complex household claims throughout the life of the claim. In addition to the dedicated adjuster and project manager, an office based concierge member supports the team and liaises with suppliers and the insured. This allows for ensuring efficient claims settlement and maximising customer satisfaction.

It is widely recognised that the unpredictable nature of insurance claims, particularly those related to the weather, makes it impossible for any company to provide a full and dedicated workforce of sufficient size to cope with all types of size of claim.  As a specialist loss adjuster, QuestGates does not provide high volume process driven claims-handling solutions and is therefore able to focus on these large or specialist claims.

We believe QuestGates is at the forefront of mobile claims technology. Since introducing the latest tablet/smartphone technology to our field staff alongside the launch of our bespoke operating system, QUBE, we have greatly improved the speed of communication both from the field to our office based teams in addition to our clients and their customers.

Colin Ganson – Director, Property


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Kevin Leake – Divisional Director

Ad Dip CII

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Lucy Collett – Associate Director

BA (Hons) ACII, Assoc. CIPD, Dip CILA

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