Entertainment, Advertising, Motorsport

No matter what industry you are involved in or where you are in the world, from film studios/production companies, multi-national corporations to local firms and charities, if you are filming or organising events, games or competitions that can be subject to potential losses through cancellation, non-appearance, injuries, over-redemption or even just the weather, Hyperion Adjusters, a QuestGates company, can reduce your worry and the work involved in mitigating against such occurrences.

Our highly-skilled and experienced team work closely with Lloyd’s Underwriters and Insurers, Brokers and Proposers to provide a highly technical, interventional, consistent and cost effective service to meet your needs and provide a service which you have the right to expect.

The key areas of operation include:

  • Entertainment/Advertising Agencies

  • Contingency/non-appearance

  • Motorsport

  • Lotteries

  • Prize Indemnity

  • Over Redemption

  • Contractual Bonus

  • Quiz/Game Shows

Please click here to go to the Hyperion Adjusters website, for full details.

Shaun Coyne

Managing Director


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