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Increasing UK and European Environmental legislation has resulted in more stringent control and regulation of Environmental pollution in the UK, which has brought with it a greater degree of accountability. Such regulation includes the Environmental Protection Act (1990), the Environment Act (1995), the Water Resources Act (1991), Ground Water Regulations (1998) and Damage Regulations 2009. The liabilities resulting from this regulation can, in certain cases, give rise to claims under both Liability, Material Damage and EIL Policies which, if not handled correctly, can greatly increase Insurers' claims spend.Initial actions following the occurrence of a claim will always influence the future course of events and the resultant claims spend. Hence the correct technical response to an Environmental claim is vital. QuestGates has an award winning specialist Environmental Claims Unit, dedicated to the management of Environmental claims, whether first party, third party, commercial or household.

The claims are dealt with by dedicated and trained environmental adjusters, including an “in house” qualified environmental consultant, who manage the claim from "Day One" through to conclusion, utilising appropriately skilled Environmental consultants, contractors and other specialist disciplines supported where necessary by expertise drawn from our Liability or Property divisions. Remedial solutions are dealt with on a project managed basis, to ensure a seamless 'one stop' service to Insurers.Areas of expertise of the Environmental Claims Unit include:

  • Hydrocarbon, oil and chemical spills
  • Air quality contamination
  • Landfill management, including leachate contamination
  • Marine enviro claims
  • Asbestos pollution
  • Ecoli and other microbial related contamination
  • Radioactive contamination
  • Enviro management and compliance

In view of the specialist nature of Environmental claims, it is essential to keep abreast of future trends and development and this is done in conjunction with our network of contractors, consultants and solicitors. Examples of legislation and regulation yet to have a full impact on the industry include the Landfill Regulations 2002 (effective from July 2004) and the European Directive on Environmental Liability. QuestGates provides a training service on handling environmental claims and related issues free of charge to clients and their staff. This service can be tailored to the individual needs of the client.

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