We understand that the word Subsidence strikes fear into many home or business owners, concerned that the property that they own may have major structural issues which could affect its value or potentially render them homeless or without a place to trade. We aim to diagnose Subsidence related issues as quickly as possible, providing guidance and advice even where a claim is not covered by the terms of the policy.

Our dedicated Subsidence team handle a variety of household (including High Net Worth) and commercial subsidence claims dispute resolution and tree related desktop evidential assessments for a wide range of insurer, broker and corporate clients

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QuestGates has a team of 30 staff involved in the management of subsidence claims, comprising of Subsidence Engineers and Engineering Technicians who are here to support the customer at every stage of the claim journey. Our engineering resource model is unique in the Subsidence claims management arena. With the majority of this resource only available to the QuestGates claims team, you can be assured of enhanced and ringfenced resource in a surge when you need us most.

The customer sits at the centre of everything we do and exceptional customer experience alongside ensuring that the right and fair cost is paid for every claim, every time are principles strongly upheld by every member of our Subsidence team.

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The key features of our service, helping us to deliver enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced claim lifecycles are:


Early diagnosis and policy interpretation


Early response to emergency works


Pro-active mitigation management


Access to a panel of specialist contractors


Prompt scheduling of remedial works, utilising innovative repair schemes


Pro-active management of contributions and recoveries


Enhanced customer communication via our Engineering Technicians

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We offer a flexible approach to Subsidence claims, which commences with a Technician led ‘iTriage’ (Intelligent Triage) with the customer. This process starts when we receive a new claim and combines use of our Surveyor Tech technology and intelligent engineering input to deliver an experience tailored to each customer’s individual needs. This ensures a consistent approach and that the most appropriate next steps are agreed at the earliest opportunity.

A large proportion of subsidence claims are declined because they do not relate to any insured peril. Where your customer’s claim is not covered by the terms of their policy, we communicate this to them in a clear and professional manner. We share a technical report with the customer detailing cause, available solutions, an indicative cost of repairs and guidance on selecting a competent builder privately, providing as much support as possible to the customer to guide them in reinstating the damage.

We understand the importance of keeping customers updated through what can be a complex and lengthy process. Our consistent approach to communication enables us to deliver a great customer experience, managing expectations and tailoring our updates to your customer’s individual needs. The principles of our Broker Charter also apply to Subsidence claims, and we will keep the broker updated at every stage of the Subsidence claim journey.
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Where a customer’s home or business has been diagnosed with subsidence, the repairs to their property are incredibly important. Mitigation can sometimes be a long and complicated process and once a repair decision has been reached and approval given to proceed, we want to ensure that this aspect of the process is as smooth and hassle free for the customer as possible. We have selected a panel of contractors for their experience and track record of subsidence repair management, and where the customer chooses, we will appoint a contractor to carefully reinstate the customer’s home or business in accordance with our Engineer’s designed remedy.

a tall building with many windows
Our Subsidence team are here to ensure a seamless journey for your customer – we will reassure them at every stage of the process, settling their claim as quickly as possible. Subsidence claims have historically been seen as complex, long drawn out claims often taking years to settle – our team challenge this preconception every day, settling claims as quickly as possible and delivering a great customer experience from start to finish.

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