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For property to be insured satisfactorily, an accurate valuation is absolutely vital. Under-insurance will result in insufficient cover and, equally, over-insurance means the policyholder paying too-high a premium. Both of these are avoided when a professional insurance valuation is conducted, but that requires specialist knowledge and experience.

At QuestGates, we believe that our experience of calculating values at risk post-loss means that we are ideally placed to offer a pre-loss valuation service, ensuring that adequate cover is provided. Our Valuation Service is used throughout the insurance industry, indeed we were the preferred supplier of valuations to the Institute of Insurance Brokers (IIB).


In the case of buildings insurance, the skills of our dual qualified CILA and RICS adjuster/surveyors are applied to establish what the accurate value at risk should be.Legislative changes and other specific complexities need taking into account when calculating re-building costs to ensure the full cost of re-instatement is calculated. Examples of how these factors can affect the re-building costs include:

  • The installation of a lift to meet requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995
  • Installation of extra sound and heat insulating materials
  • Cost of the removal of debris contaminated by asbestos
  • Increased material cost for listed buildings as "original material" is often requiredCost of VAT, which can affect private individuals, small businesses, buildings owned by pension funds, charities etc.

Plant, Machinery and Contents

Undertaking a full valuation often involves many days on site, compilation of inventories and research into the replacement cost, all of which can be cost-prohibitive to the client. By combining our insurance expertise with the client's purchase cost knowledge we pro-actively reach an approximate value at risk, which can then be used as a guide for the client or their broker at renewal.

This service is of particular benefit for:

  • IT equipment
  • Plant insured on an indemnity basis
  • Multi-risk sites

Fine Art and Antiques

For people who own individual items of high value, unusual pieces or collections, it can be difficult to obtain an accurate valuation for insurance purposes. Through our expert valuers, QuestGates ensures valuations for such purposes are provided accurately and cost effectively.Whilst most surveyors' fees are based on an hourly rate or a percentage of the final value at risk, our clients prefer a totally transparent system, whereby, in all but the most complex cases, the fee is agreed in advance based on the original sum insured.

By using the QuestGates Valuation Service you can rest assured that:

  • Valuations will be completed efficiently, economically and on time by insurance industry experts
  • Property portfolios spread across different regions can be dealt with simultaneously due to our nationwide network of offices
  • The fee is highly competitive - individual fixed fees are agreed at the outset, based on the existing sum insured

The QuestGates Valuation Service ensures:

  • Avoidance of penalties from under-insurance when a claim arises
  • Payment of the correct insurance premium
  • Peace of mind

Meet the QuestGates Valuations team.


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