As a business we continue to invest heavily in technology. Our digital strategy is to provide technological solutions that assist all key stakeholders, enhancing their experience and, ultimately, providing an excellent, cost effective service that helps control indemnity spend. We feel that technology is a critical tool to ensuring successful delivery and improved customer satisfaction.

To support our strategy we have designed and developed our family of claims management systems that all sit under the umbrella of QUBE – QuestGates Unique Business Efficiencies:

Total Control 

QUBE is our bespoke Claims Management System which has been developed in-house. The system is task based with trigger points that drive the claim through the claims process utilizing a RAG based tiles system. Each touch point is measureable and enables senior management to constantly review processes and identify bottlenecks.

Mobile Technology

Sitting alongside QUBE is our mobile application QUBEgo. The app uses the latest in mobile technology and has been tailored to fit the specific requirements of each service line and can be further tailored to fit specific client requirements.

Full Visibility 

Our QUBElive portal provides a continuous source of real time information.   The system allows key Stakeholders to securely access real time information easily about each claim through a simple but effective interface.  This ensures there is one single, fully transparent file for all parties to view.

Claims Tracker

Our interactive customer portal provides full transparency and an interactive Claims Settlement Plan detailing the progress of their claim and who to contact.

An Alternative View 

QUBEview allows capture of video while on site which is securely sent from the device for viewing real time or at a later date on demand. This compliments the static photographs to put the claim in to perspective and allows the claims team, insurer, broker to have a virtual presence on site.

Business Analytics 

QUBEanalyz provides decision ready information to your business enabling you to make better decision making across your business. Key features include:

  • Gain real-time business intelligence from any data

  • Real time analysis of claims with various filters based on division, location, type and value with the information available as pie chart, graphs, geographical maps and line by line.

  • Ability to exported from the secure web site to PDF, Excel, Word, CSV and XML.