Counter Fraud

For every £1 spent we save our clients £12 

A primary objective of QuestGates is to provide our clients with a cost-effective defence against fraud.  As investigative techniques are constantly being reviewed in order to achieve this end, we actively strive to improve our service, add new and proactive processes and constantly revaluating the key investigation indicators to ensure the claims are being correctly assessed in accordance with trends, economic changes and other triggers.

Embracing this intelligent, front end usage of fraud indicators and supported by our bespoke, in-house developed, operating system – QUBE, we can quickly establish whether we have a claim warranting further investigation – or settlement on the best possible terms.

Our clients benefit not only from access to professionally qualified field expertise in the form of our team of accredited counter fraud specialists, but also obtain consultancy services, specialist fraud training and desktop services including:

  • Intelligence profiling

  • Telephone based conversation management

  • Forensic photo analysis using Metadata

We have achieved savings for our clients through our detection of fraudulent claims across our Motor, Property and Liability divisions in particular, whereby we have uncovered deception from one off opportunistic cases to staged events involving highly organised crime rings.

We In addition to an investigation capability, we also offer a nationwide surveillance service when required, either as a stand alone service or as part of a full enquiry.  Working to a strict code of conduct, agents are rigorously vetted to assess their ability and experience.  Specialising in surveillance techniques, they are completely familiar with governing legislation that applies to more invasive investigations: many have a military background and are registered accordingly.

Field & Desktop Investigations

Key Features:

  • Access to the widest range of resources, deployed by professionally qualified fraud investigators

  • Provision of a market leading service with full UK Coverage

  • State of the art digital recording capability

  • Intelligence profiling

  • Forensic analysis of digital photos – metadata

  • Telephone based conversation management

Fraud Consultancy

QuestGates follow the guidelines of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy when providing advice on fraud.

Key Features:

  • Identifying the key elements of proper strategic approach and the range of actions required to tackle fraud

  • Accurately identifying risks

  • Creating and maintaining a strong anti-fraud structure and culture

  • Defining success

Paul Burke – Head of Special Investigation Unit

Tel: +44 (0) 7739 952955


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